There are three overarching goals which will guide the master planning process: Community, Connectivity, and Identity.  Existing conditions analysis will examine the current state of Community, Connectivity, and Identity in the district.  We will research examples of premier places that embody different aspects of the three goals and develop possible future scenarios from best practices learned.  And the final Master Plan will identify objectives which all seek to fulfill at least one of the three goals. 

1. Community  

Build a vibrant community full of opportunities to live, learn, work and play.    


2. Connectivity

Celebrate 30th Street Station as a premier multi-modal transportation hub where people can seamlessly connect to resources and attractions in the local community, the city and the region. 


3. Identity

Create a high-quality network of active, attractive and safe places to welcome residents and visitors into a place of memorable identity and character.  

Cira Centre with pink sky background.
Dinner in White at 30th Street Station on JFK Boulevard.